Gimmee the Prize !   

db GIMMEE THE PRIZE a weekly (or so) Prize drawing.

The db member (the previous winner) who is running the drawing
that week, provides the prize and can structure the drawing
in any way she/he wants to. 

Some have allowed multiple entries, others have had questions 
or trivia that needed to be answered correctly, some take entries
for just 24 hours...others take entries for a week.

The db PrizeMeister collects all the entries, puts them in a hat or 
whatever! and pulls the winner's name, and announces to db who 
the winner is. And promptly mails the prize out.

The winner receives the prize from the person who ran that weeks 
drawing, and is then responsible for doing the next week's drawing 
and providing a prize.

Usually....we all like to know what the prize was ! 
So, the winner aka the next db PrizeMeister posts what
it was to the list.

For those of you who may have subscribed after previous 
instructions were given this is how to play:

When a drawing and it's deadlines are announced.....
Send an eMail to that weeks db PrizeMeister.
In the SUBJECT line type : GIMME THE PRIZE
Then add your name and address, any beggings, pleadings
or bribes to the BODY of the eMail.

Then wait patiently !

You can't win if you don't enter!!!!!


Sandy Tombari 
Debbie Arnold
Carmen Swan
Lauren Hawley 
Jennifer Saulsbury
Holland West
Shari Ziegenbein
Marge Pazek
Cindy Trotman
Barbara J. Graves
Alexis Popovics
Nancy Franklin
Dianne Powers
Joyce Guthrie