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    * This page is FYI. Be sure to consult with a natural health care professional.


From the rawdiet list @ yahoogroups.com   
Heartworm is treated with Paratox -$l8 (two bottles needed to complete the treatment) in conjunction with a Heartworm 1M Nosode - 2 oz. @ $18.00, 4 oz. @ $36 The results have been consistent, even in severe cases. The treatment is both gentle and simple, easy to administer and has NO side effects. The dog can be re-tested no sooner than 3 months AFTER the last dose of Paratox.

If any vaccines, Ivermectin, or other medication has been give within the past month, an initial clearing should be done to insure the effectiveness of the Paratox treatment. The particular clearing remedy would be determined by what medication had been previously given.

Heartworm Protocol Directions :
Step One :
Paratox - Give one capful orally, once daily. 
Be sure it is given at least 30 minutes away from food. 
This dose continues until both bottles are finished.

Heartworm 1M Nosode - 
Give one full dropper (two pulls/draws from the bottle) on the following schedule :
Week 1 and 2 - Give once daily.
Week 3 and 4 - Give 3 times per week.
Week 5 and 6 - Give twice per week.
Week 7 - Give once a week, continue until six months from beginning of treatment.

Be sure the liquids are given at least 30 minutes away from food. 
Both can be given at the same time, but it is preferable if they are given separately.

Step Two :
Heartworm 1M Nosode - Give once monthly as a preventative in diluted form.

Do NOT retest any earlier than 3 months after completing the last dosage of Paratox. 
On occasion, tests may come back low positive at 3 months. If rechecked in another 3 months, cases are usually clear.  Paratox can be repeated at the 3-month interval if needed.

The Paratox can be obtained from Dr.Wessner at 352-245-2025  Summerfield FL

The is what is on the Paratox Bottle :
Parasite Detoxification for Veterinary Use. Allium Cepa, Allium Sativum, Croton Tigliem, Interleukin (IL/2), Lycopersicum, Tanacetum Vulgare.
FDA Registration No. 2937060
Net Contents : 120 m. (4 fl. oz.) contains an equal volume of (4.0) of each of five potencies (9x, 20x, 30x, 100x, 200x) for each homeopathic component. Potassium Benzoate (0.l%) Free of Alcohol - Sodium - Sugar
HomeoVetix, Vitic, Inc., Naples, FL 33942

Pre-Treatment :
* Vit C l/2 gram, sid
* Hawthorn herb capsules or liquid, l/4 Adult Dose, sid, for the heart

Treatment :
* Paratox - 1 capful, in water, bid, 24.days
* Heartworm Nosode (potency: 30C, No. 15 pills) : 5 pills, sid, 2 weeks ;
5 pills, eod, 2 weeks; 5 pills twice/week, 2 weeks, once/week,2 - 3 months.

Post Treatment :
* Occult heartworm test, at the end of three months of treatment
* If negative, then will do a Knotts test at that time too. This will determine if Paratox has  
   treated the microfilaria as well .
* If still occult positive, repeat Paratox and continue Heartworm Nosode.
* Retest in another 3 months
* If not cleared after 6 months treatment time, then use conventional/allopathic treatment.


LIFE PLUS PARATOXTM - Herbs and Amino Acids Detoxifiers and Vermifuge 
Ingredients: Each Tablet Supplies: Herbs Black Walnut 100 mg Alginate 50 mg Wormwood 100 mg Goldenseal 25 mg Garlic 70 mg  Norwegian Kelp 10 mg Parsley 70 mg Cayenne 10 mg Fenugreek 60 mg
http://healthlovers.com/5015info.html   $13.50
http://your-health-shop.com/all_products/prd5015.htm  180 Tablets, $22 

# 3      VRM2  
VRM2 ($23)   http://www.systemicformulas.com/challeg.html

# 4     VITAMIN C    
Vit C -  http://www.petsynergy.com    Dr. Anna Maria Scholey 

DE - this is NOT common knowledge....and while I would not hesitate to use it ... I cannot in good conscience tell others how to use it until I can secure solid references and URL's to share with folks.
If you find you are in dire need, call Jeanette at Natures Farmacy 800-733-4981 

# 6       PARASTAT   
Included in the list of parasites is Heartworm. It's called ParaStat, the only ingredient in it is Holarrhena antidysenterica bark and seed. The nutritionist who packages and sells it is Dr. Bob Marshall, his number is 800-370-3447. He's in Orange County, CA. PST
If you call to order some make sure that you order his write-up about the product. He gives this to his dogs. Let whoever answers the phone know that this is for a dog and get the exact dosage for dogs.
........... from a post on the Internet
I found this product through a friend of mine who uses it. I called her one day in total frustration that nothing natural that I was using for my pup was taking away her worms. She then told me about this product. She uses it for her family and for her animals. I have used it twice, the fecal sample I had done after the 1st time we used it was clear. I don't plan on doing fecals in the future. I'll use this product 3 - 4 times a year. Our pup does quite well on this product. She hates the taste of it so I have to stick the capsules down her throat. 
I have purchased vitamins, herbs, and various other products from this nutritionist who is also a chemist. I have never had any reason to question him. I personally don't have any info at all other than having used it and my friend's experience with her immediate family, extended family, and her animals. In my previous post I gave his 800 number, I would recommend 
calling his office and getting the write up that he puts out on everything that he develops. Ask whoever answers the phone if there have been any studies done on it. Sorry that I can't help with more info. BTW he's on Pacific time.