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     ladyR, Great Dane, dob: 10/93, F, Spayed, wt: 178
(1998), 120(2002), 37"

My ladyR bloated twice weekly or more, from the age of 10 weeks old.
Because of my fear of losing her, I just HAD to find a way to manage it.
Below is the culmination and results of our successful battle.
I pray that it helps you.

 <-- Click Photo to see Actual Bloat X-ray - black area is the huge stomach

WHAT CAUSES BLOAT ?  ( In My Opinion & Experience )

Grain based dog foods (dogs are carnivores)
Lack of probiotics and digestive enzymes
Feeding too many cups/lbs of the food per meal
Ice Cube Eating and/or Ice Water drinking

S t r e s s  !
Vaccine, drug, anesthesia re-actions and side effects
....and let's not forget ''end of the bag'' syndrome ! ( RANCID KIBBLE )

While bloat may be a mystery....there is no reason to not be prepared.

Buy PHAYZME Extra-Strength GEL CAPS 185mg...
(red formula) 60 softgels, available at all drug stores.
( Note: A bottle of 60 Phayzme contains much less than 1oz. of simethicone )
Buy BLOAT BUSTER LIQUID from Natures Farmacy 800-733-4981
You can buy 100% PURE SIMETHICONE Liquid (1cc = 1000mg)
from Compounding Pharmacists. Price runs app. $35 for 120cc.
To find one in your immediate area: 

1cc. = 1000mg
1.5cc. = 1500mg = 10 Phayzme

If you even * * think * * your Dane/dog is in bloat....
give 10 gelcaps = 1640mg simethicone.
give 1.5cc. simethicone

If you say to yourself...I wonder if he/she is bloating,
do not hesitate.... give Phayzme. TIME is crucial.

If the Dane throws it up....repeat the above dose immediately.

.....then put 4 drops of Rescue Remedy on tongue to calm the Dane/dog. 
..... from Nature Farmacy 800-733-4981

If the Dane/dog has not gotten 100% comfortable in....
" 5 " minutes.....REPEAT THE DOSE

If the Dane/dog has not gotten 100% comfortable in....
" 5 " minutes.....REPEAT DOSE and Call Vet NOW !

.....give Rescue Remedy to calm dog in the car every 5 min.

If this dose is given at the _very_ start of a bloat, it can STOP it.
If given in the middle or end may at the very least
buy your Vet some time to save your Dane/dog.

Also......As soon as you see symptoms......
You can give 1/2 tube of DOGzyme Canine GEL 
then another 1/2 tube - while enroute to the vet.
This is to make sure that the GOOD bacteria is replaced fast.

Buy DOGzyme Canine Gel at Nature Farmacy 800-733-4981 
Order the 20cc. tube
.....and get the 1lb. jar of the DOGzyme powder....(for daily use)
BOTH of these are needed...they contain different strains of
good bacterias/probiotics.

Make sure you tell Vet what you gave.

Simethicone or Phayzme cannot cause illness or death if over-dosed, 
(up to 8000mg caused 1 instance of loose stool - Small price to save a dog) 
is not affected by heat (can be kept in glove box), 
doesn't go out of date, can do no harm, is not a drug, 
is not absorbed and does not leave residue in the body, 
goes out in the same form as it went in,
is small enough to be carried in a pocket or purse.
Or..... can buy ORAL syringes.......and pre-fill 
them ahead of time - empty 10 Phayzmes or 1.5cc.
into each syringe...add 2cc. of filtered/sterile water...shake to mix. 
Thinned with water makes it go down faster. 
These travel well too. Use a hard eyeglass case for your purse,
and another for the glove box. It's just the right size......
Oral syringes can be bought from Drs. Foster/Smith - 1-800-826-7206 
item # 9A-2510 40¢ ea. OR at your local drugstore.

Don't squirt into back of throat.....squirt into the back of the lower lip area. 
Tilt head back.

From my experience of having a Dane who bloated weekly,
having Phayzme or simethicone on hand is a necessity.

My Dane no longer bloats due to her diet having been
" significantly " improved (I added raw meat and switched to a 
MEAT based kibble......but I still keep Phayzme
(simethicone) on hand, in purse, in van, at all times !
2002 - she is now on a 100% RAW MEAT DIET is always a good idea to have a Bloat Tubing Kit,
and know how to use it. Or a Vet can walk you through it on 
the phone in an emergency.
.....also from Nature Farmacy 800-733-4981 

FIRST: and foremost, KNOW the symptoms of bloat !
SECOND: Bloat comes up instantaneously.  There is NO WARNING.
THIRD: Bloat is excruciatingly PAINFUL.
FOURTH: When bloating, your Dane/dog is TERRIFIED.

... IS * * * EXTREMELY * * * PAINFUL

- - - - SYMPTOMS - - - - ( any combination of these)

= = = AFTERCARE = = =

Phayzme / Simethicone:
If you should experience a bloat incident.....please, do
not hesitate to add 3 Phayzme (185mg x 3 = 500mg) 
.....or 1/2cc. to EACH meal for a few weeks afterwards.

Give 1cc. DOGzyme Gel PER MEAL. 
Give  DOGzyme Powder PER MEAL (per weight dose)
This is to replenish, maintain and keep the GOOD bacteria flourishing.
Remember ... stress depletes good bacteria in the gut.

If at all possible, avoid all commercial foods. 
Feed from a raised bowl. Less stress on body.
Use REAL food, and PUREE it. For as long as a month or 2.
A raw diet is best, even if it grosses you out, it will help
your Dane/dog recover much more quickly and completely.

If the bloat took place shortly after a meal, your dog may
be afraid to eat. This is going to mean that in order
to stop that fear, you may have to hand feed.......literally.
Just make sure you give Phayzme so that it won't happen
again. Dogs have remarkable memories, good and bad.

_REMEMBER_ If the bloat/GDV resulted in surgery
The dog isn't just recovering from bloat (horrendously painful), 
he is recovering from bloat + surgery + aesthesia, 
and the added load of drugs and antibiotics.

This is especially true if surgery/torsion took place ... you're 
dog may be VERY sore and afraid to poop. Puree in, means
puree out, which makes it easier for the dog. 

Make the dog drink alot of water...even if you have to spike it 
with salt-free chicken broth ! The body needs to get the anesthesia 
out ... and through the urine is best. Besides, if the dog pees 
alot and you puree the food, the peeing will help to not be afraid 
of pooping.

Repeated Episodes:
Unfortunately, if a dog bloats once, most likely it will
again....unless Feeding Management changes.

Gastropexy / Stomach Tack:
Yes....IMO , the sooner the better on a dog that has bloated.
The peace of mind is priceless. However, it will only
prevent death from occurring due to the stomach twisting.
It will not prevent bloating. Only improving the diet
and supplementation of the diet can prevent bloat... IMO.
Many dogs who are then fed a RAW MEAT DIET, stop bloating.

===== Anticipated Questions ======

Question: Aren't you are afraid to give so many?
..... No ! From my experiences using Phayzme during so
many bloats ( I started giving just 2) I found that dogs
stomachs are so tight that 2 did little, as I increased, I
got better results. 10, if you KNOW it is just at the very
start ... gives excellent

Question: What about Gas X and other brands ?
.....I tried them all and only suggest 10 Phayzme.
Or pure simethicone.... in which 1cc. = 1000mg. 

Question: Can you use the Phayzme liquid or baby drops ?
Bear in mind the mg. strength - you want 1600mg +
... you would have to give 4 bottles for just 1 dose.
TIME is of the essence when bloating...
the more concentrated the remedy, the faster it will work.

Question: What about the tablets ?
....NO ! They have been found undissolved during autopsies.
TIME is of the essence when bloating...
the more concentrated the remedy, the faster it will work.

Question: What scientific references do you have for this?
None. And if that might stop you from buying Phayzme...
I beg you, for your dog's sake, buy it anyway. It is of the
utmost importance to get rid of the air aka gas ASAP....this is a 
tool that can help you and the Vet save your beloved pets life.

Question: Why do you think your Dane stopped bloating?
Now that it has been years since she bloated....I truly see
that daily doses of DOGzyme POWDER probiotics, feeding a raw meat diet, 
is the reason. This ''significant'' feeding change and the addition of
probiotics/supplements/vitamins was the answer for us. 

2002 - she is fed 100% raw now. It is 4 years since she even had a mild bloat.

- - - - DOGzyme aka PROBIOTICS INFO - - - - 
I give double the recommended dosage by weight of 
DOGzyme as listed on the label.

When dealing with probiotics ... BILLIONS of colony forming
bacteria are needed DAILY to keep the gut healthy.

The way DOGzyme and DIGESTIVE ENZYMES prevent bloat is 
because both products keep the gut healthy AND process food
properly. Especially as a dog gets older. But these should be given
from puppyhood and the dose increased with age.

Probiotics are: acidophillus, lactose, lactase...etc
Probiotic DAILY dose level : 3 billion + is good
3 billion = 1 tsp DOGzyme powder 

Digestive enzymes are: lipase, amylase and protease.
These are also known as Pancreatin Enzymes.
Enzyme PER MEAL dose: I use 1400mg Pancreatin for a Dane
Follow label of product.

My Dane is just one of many who have conquered BLOAT by
adding raw meat to the diet (not burger!! Meat, like rump roast
cut into 3/4 to 1/2'' cubes), and giving daily doses of DOGzyme
and Pancreatin Enzymes.  

2002 -  I now feed a 100% RAW MEAT diet

I was DETERMINED that I was not going to lose my Dane to
bloat ! So I had to find a way to stop the bloat AND a way to
prevent it.

- - - BURPING - - -
Another way I have become convinced of preventing bloat is to 
BURP puppies from day 1. 
And starting today...... PRAISE your ADULT dog for BURPING and FARTING....
I mean it..... BIG TIME PRAISE.

Burping and farting are able to be LEARNED BEHAVIOR.

Air OUT ... is matter which end it comes out.


a post from Pamela Moore <pmoore@GIA.EDU> 

My first Dane bloated and torsed at 10 months, like yours. Tragic
middle-of-the-night trip to the emergency clinic, stomach the size of a
basketball, turned upside-down. All they found in his stomach was
kibble. I had suspected for a long time that something was wrong with
his digestion. His stomach was always so noisy, he was always burping
and farting. And the diarrhea! Anyway, to make a VERY long story short,
he was unable to digest and absorb commercial food. The kibble
connection is a strong factor in bloat cases. He is now on a completely
raw, whole food diet (BARF for Bones And Raw Foods). I've done a great
deal of investigating, and have found out that it is VERY uncommon for
dogs on the raw diets to bloat. As far as I can tell, the best
prevention for bloat is a raw whole food diet, done properly, of course.
There are countless other benefits of the raw diet as well. There are
many problems with the cooked diets that most people feed their dogs--
the first being that the food is *cooked* and any enzymes have been
killed, along with much nutritional value. Then there's the whole issue
of very suspicious ingredients in commercial foods, significant toxins,
and the fact that it's all got a very high percentage of grain. And the
fats, once they're heated, turn into harmful trans fatty acids.

Wolves and wild dogs are opportunists (scavengers) and carnivores. 
Meat, bones, and rotting stuff is the natural food for our dogs, not
cultivated cooked corn, rice, and wheat. There have not been enough
generations of domesticated dogs living on a highly grain-based, cooked
diet for them to have evolved the ability to properly digest what we're
feeding them. They don't even possess the enzyme necessary for breaking
down plant fibers. It is truly remarkable that there are as many dogs
alive on the stuff as there are. BUT... ask the old vets how much
degenerative disease they saw before we began feeding commercial foods.
Things like inflammatory bowel disease and cancer were almost unheard
of. Our commercial foods and vaccine protocols (a whole 'nother can of
worms) are seriously damaging our dogs' systems. Danes are high on the
list of very sensitive breeds. Other breeds are sure to follow, and in
fact, are showing ill effects, but not necessarily the same way Danes
show them. German Shepherd Dogs and epilepsy, for example. Other dogs
get tumors, cancers, infertility, aggression, bone diseases....

If you feed a dog kibble, it takes a terribly long time for them to
digest it. Something like 14 hours, I think. Maybe longer. When a dog
eats a raw meaty bone, it's in and out of the dog in about 6 hours or

Well, I'm probably driving the rest of the list crazy, but I've seen
SUCH a difference with the raw diet that I can't help but share it.
Almost everyone I know who has stuck with it can tell you similar
stories. Since my Dane has been on BARF, his inflammatory bowel disease
is completely under control. When he was on his expensive premium
kibbles (a dozen different kinds), he had severe diarrhea for months at
a time, and was on a handful of prescription medications. I'll never go
back to commercial foods!

Ruby Ricciardi

2011 NOTE:
My beloved ladyR died in 2004.  NOT from bloat (Thank God).
She got up onto the couch, and simply died. Sudden Death.
8 months later, Bella came into my life.
Bella has been raised from Day 1 on a RAW MEAT DIET.
Bella has NEVER bloated - not once.
Though, I have also learned that SIMETHICONE is also
a terrific fast cure for an upset tummy.

I want to thank the thousands of folks who have written me
about how much learning about simethicone has helped them
save their dogs from BLOAT.

This web page is truly my Beloved ladyR's Legacy.


© Copyright 1999, all rights reserved.