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ladyR, Great Dane, dob: 10/93, F, Spayed, wt: 178(1998), 120(2002), 37"

In 1995 ladyR, was diagnosed with cardio 2 of 6. 
I started supplementing right then.
We have done yearly echo-cardiograms. Every echo we got the same - no change.

March 2000 I started her on Juice
+. (in addition to her cadre of other supplements) 
January 2001 - WobenzymeN

It is only since adding these 2 supps to her 30+ supplement regimen, 
giving only filtered water, and stopping heartworm preventative that we got the reversal.
We have also been doing chiropractic, accupuncture and bi-weekly Adequan shots for asymptomatic Spondylosis. So who knows if maybe the Adequan played a part.

Today ..... she does not have a gradable murmur, and most important .... 
the size of her heart has gone from 71mm down to 58mm. 
(58 is the largest area, other areas were 50 - 51 - 55 - 57) 
Normal is 60mm.

Needless to say, her Primary Vet and her Cardiologist (JK Goodwin) are just thrilled.
Cardiologist said all she has left is a barely audible soft mitrial sound.
She was never on any heart meds !  Just natural supplements.

We have conquered OCD (non-surgical), stopped chronic BLOATING and now prevented Cardiomyopathy.  Life is good, and I know God loves us !

1995 - Baseline of 71mm
2001 - 58 is actually the largest measure he could find. The others are 50, 51, 55, 57.

ladyR has been on CoQ10 300mg since 1995.  Plus many other heart support supplements..
See list below.

ladyR Heart / Health Supplementation Protocol 

1995 HEART MURMUR 2 of 6 
1999 still 2 of 6 ! ! ! 

Cardiologist said NO DRUGS for my girl because we have managed to stop the 
progression of cardiomyopathy with supplementing. 
Am thinking of adding a heart glandular and raw heart meat. (added raw heart meat 2002)

The salient part of this... I the supplements I added in 2000, the
addition of RAW MEAT to her diet, and most important, in my opinion, 
Since she was on most of all the other supplements for many years. (see Spleen)

Juice+ - equal to 4 lbs of raw fruit and veggies daily
Filtered Water
She is fed raw.  
No vaccines since '96.
NO Heartworm Preventative
Bi-weekly Adequan shots - 3cc for Spondylosis
WobenzymeN - systemic enzymes, also turbo charges supplements

FEEDING MANAGEMENT: Raw meat, raw veggies...and a meat based kibble. I fed 
                1 cup of soaked/moistened meat based kibble with 1/2c. raw meat, 
                1/2c. leftovers of the day, with all these crushed supplements mixed into  
                it....TWICE a day. 
                2002- now 100% raw 
EXERCISE: Daily walk, swimming 3+ times per week
THERAPY: Bi-Weekly Acupuncture and Chiropractic adjustment
MEDICAL: No vaccines. No Heartworm Preventative. No Anti-biotics.
CHEMICAL: No lawn or house spraying for bugs. No flea products.

10 with Tocotrienols 300mg Daily
            note: when ladyR was throwing 90% pvc's, I gave her 1400mg
            in a 7hr period, and her heart went to normal sinus rhythm. 
Hawthorne Berries Extract - 2 Droppers Daily - To support heart
Natural E-1000 I.U. Mixed Tocopherols,  1 Capsule Daily - To support heart health
Selenium - prevent cardiomyopathy
Vitamin C - Sodium Ascorbate (Non-Acid Ascorbate Acid) 1000 mg daily 
Magnesium -   1   500 mg capsule daily  To support heart
FASTRACK POWDER PROBIOTIC     2 tsp. PER MEAL daily  (Now using DOGzyme)
FASTRACK GEL CONCENTRATE     4cc weekly  (Now using DOGzyme)
Flaxseed Oil - 1  1000 mg Daily Good for heart, skin, stops shedding !!!!!!!
Cosamin DS - 4 caps Joint / bone support - lifetime, due to OCD, and now 
                         Spondylosis, heart and arthritis
Spirulina & Minerals - 1 TAB DAILY Micro-nutrients 
Milk Thistle  - 30:1 Concentrate SILYMARIN 80% STAND -  1   150 mg Capsule daily 
Grape Seed Extract -  1 60 mg Capsule daily -  vascular health, prevent cancer
Pancreatin Enzymes - 1  1400 mg Daily To support digestion / absorbtion
L-Carnatine - 1000mg
Taurine -  500mg (low dose, she gets raw meat) To support heart 
MSM Sulfur -  2000 mg Daily (this was upped to 4000mg 8/02)
Lecithin -  1 TBSP daily protects and cover nerves, spinal or nerve problems, 
                 for the older dog - protects heart.
Super Oxide Dismutase - incredible anti-oxidant and stops graying muzzle
Thymus Glandular -  keeps immune system going
+ = 2 fruit - 2 veggie caps daily
Wobenzyme N - 10 per day
Adequan - 3cc. bi-weekly

2002 UPDATE:
We almost lost ladyR in July. She woke up one day and refused to eat or move.
We did x-rays suspecting cervical problems, and did an echo as an afterthought.
Her heart function was in 90% V-tach. 
It ended up not being her heart, but her spleen causing the arrhythmias, as an ultra-sound showed her heart functioning perfectly.
She was diagnosed as having Hemangiosarcoma, and I was advised by 7 Vets to do right by her and have her put to sleep ASAP.
One Vet disagreed. I listened to that Vet and had her spleen removed.
The pathology report came back BENIGN.
There is more detail on the her SPLEEN page.

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