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Osteochondritis dissecans, or OCD

The white patch you see on the below xray was the cure for OCD brought about using the ADEQUAN regimen - without surgery !

Explanation of the above xray:

She yelped in pain all the time upon the same certain movements.

Way back in 1994, when Luipold didn't yet have a DOG labeled vial, 
my Vet started ladyR on improvement after 4 weeks.
She upped it to improvement after 4 weeks.
2cc improvement after 4 weeks.
Then she did some research and upped it to 3cc TWICE a week.
We got astonishing improvement.
After 10 injections ... we went to once a week for a month, then to
once every 2 weeks, then monthly.
Then I saw a detrimental difference and we went back to every 2 weeks.
BUT, we were trying to get rid of OCD.
We did that for another 3 months or so, then ladyR went in to have
an elective gastropexy, the Vet took x-rays and they clearly showed
a 100% fix, it looks like a patch was put on it.

Her shoulders were perfect right up to her leaving me at 10.5 yo.

There is NO need to wean off Adequan like there is for Pred.
We were just being very cautious as the OCD was bi-lateral (both shoulders) and severe.

One point ... we also did CosequinDS at the same time as the shots.
Both the Adequan folks and the CosequinDS folks agreed that doing so
would get optimal results ... and it did. 
BUT, it is very important to do the LOADING dose of CosequinDS.

So many times over the years, I have told Dane folks the dosing ( 3cc
that achieved such good results and some of their Vets have been afraid to dose it that high, even though the package says to, that they didn't get the results, and that is such a shame because so MANY Danes could have been spared that horrendous surgery.

The Adequan website clearly states that there are so many ailments
that can be helped ... Traumatic Joint Injury, Geriatric Arthritis, Spondylitis, Ruptured cruciate ligament(s), and Hip dysplasia 

Adequan is a GOOD drug as far as our experience with it.

Gold Bead Implants can also help OCD and the above ailments.