ladyR, Great Dane, dob: 10/93, F, Spayed, wt: 178(1998), 120(2002), 37"

Please folks ! Try this before you do Rimadyl !

I was presented with serious pain when my girl had her spleen removed ( benign ) ..... I was a basket case with her on Rimadyl.
I KNEW the consequences...but felt there was no other choice.
We got away with it.....she had no problem .....
BUT .... after 10 days on it...I just quit it when a friend asked if she was on MSM. I said yes....2000mg daily. The friend laughed and said she was on 6000mg daily and my girl 
out weighed her by 50 lbs - Put her on 4000mg ! See what happens.

Well .... I did....and from the very first day .... my girls pain was non-existent .... and her comfort level was incredibly perfect. Just as good or better than the Rimadyl !
As a matter of fact ( she also has Spondylosis ) after 1 week ....
she was peeing IN THE GRASS again as opposed to peeing above it previously because of not being able to hunch down.

It has been 2.5 months now, and she is up to 6000mg daily, runs through the house, swims, walks 2 miles a day, gets up and down WITH EASE from the floor, and is more mobile and
flexible than she has been in 3 years ! 

She is a 9yo Great Dane. 37'' , 120 lbs (used to be 178)

The ONLY side effect was when we started, and when I raise the dose ... she farts - and since I am terrified of Bloat, I add 3 Phayzmes to each meal and that alleviates that.

MSM is natural .... aside from literally getting rid of inflammation, it also heals at the cellular level.

I have been advised that if I get her up to 12,000mg daily and keep her there for 6 months .... we will likely SEE a reversal of the Spondylosis on xrays ...... if that happens ..... I will spread the word on the internet with the news ! ! 
I have also been advised that it will NOT dissolve the calcium deposits.

Don't take my word .... do the research !   

Most people just do not know that the high doses are safe.....and it is the high
doses that WORK.

I use PRO MSM crystalline powder from KV Vet Supply 800.423.8211
1 teaspoon = 4000mg 
I sprinkle it on her food.

You can tell if your MSM is PURE by putting a 1/2 teaspoon in water....
if the water stays perfectly is pure.

Ruby Ricciardi 
October 2002

          Copyright 2002, all rights reserved.