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Supplements Taken Below

Great Dane, 10 yr, 37'', 120lb (used to be 178), F, spayed
Personality: Lives up to her name
DX: Spondylosis w/Bone Spurs in 2001
Raw Diet (since Dec.2001)  
Daily walking & swimming & sunbath aka Vit D
Bi-weekly Acupuncture and Chiropractic
No Vaccines since 1994
No Heartworm preventative, Flea preventatives
Filtered Water only (tap water contributes to arthritis)
No Pesticide use in home or yard
NO White potatoes or Green Peppers - ever.
    These counteract Glucosamine containing supplements
    and can destroy cartilage.
Found Spondylosis by accident during 2001 yearly x-rays.
Previous Health Issues:
Was given full regimen of vaccines until 1.5 yrs.
Was fed Euchanuba until 9mo old.
Was a chronic BLOATER until raw meat & Fastrack added to kibble at 2 y.o..
Was diagnosed with OCD and Cardiomyopathy at 7 mo.
Adequan protocol filled in the holes in BOTH of her shoulders.
Cardiomyopathy was reversed 4 years ago,  but only after
   stopping heartworm meds and adding Juice+ .
Splenectomy 2002 - benign.
ladyR Supplement Regimen
CoQ10 with Tocotrienols 300mg Daily to support heart
Hawthorne Berries Extract - 2 Droppers Daily - To support heart
Natural E - 1000 I.U. Mixed Tocopherols - To support heart health
Selenium - 200 mcg  prevent cardiomyopathy
Vitamin C - Sodium Ascorbate (Non-Acid Ascorbate Acid) 1000 mg daily 
Dog Bloom VITAMINS FOR DOGS - 2 TBSP. Daily (Natures Farmacy  800-733-4981)
Magnesium - 500 mg capsule daily To support heart
DOGzyme PROBIOTIC 1/4 tsp. PER MEAL daily (Natures Farmacy  800-733-4981)
DOGzyme GEL CONCENTRATE 4cc weekly (Natures Farmacy  800-733-4981)
Flaxseed Oil - 1000 mg Daily  - for heart, skin, stops shedding !
Spirulina & Minerals - 1 TAB DAILY Micro-nutrients 
Milk Thistle Extract - 2 droppers daily
Grape Seed Extract - 60 mg - vascular health, prevent cancer
Taurine - 500mg (low dose, she gets raw meat) to support heart 
SOD - Super Oxide Dismutase - incredible anti-oxidant and stops graying muzzle
Thymus Glandular - 2 tabs daily - keeps immune system going
Juice+ = 4 fruit - 4 veggie caps daily ( Natures Farmacy  800-733-4981 ) 
7% Yam Cream - 1/8 tsp on belly once weekly (more causes severe muscle spasms)
    Surprisingly, this actually seems to helps her gait.
Cosamin DS - 4 daily
Yucca Shidigera - 2 tsp. daily for Spondylosis (Natures Farmacy  800-733-4981)  
MSM Sulfur - 8000 mg Daily for Spondylosis
Lecithin - 1 TBSP daily for Spondylosis
Biotin - (Natures Farmacy  800-733-4981)
Elk Fat - to keep weight on (Natures Farmacy  800-733-4981)
..... Discontinued 
SYN-FLEX LIQUID - similar to Cosamin - for Spondylosis (no results)
DGP - 4 tabs daily (herbal Australian peppers etc) for Spondylosis (no results)
Wobenzyme N - 3 per day for Spondylosis (no results)
CLA - 4000 mg daily to prevent metastasis (due to splenectomy, just in case)
Pancreatin Enzymes - 1400 mg Daily To support digestion / absorption