Why should it be that God (or god) spelled backward is dog ? It's not just a coincidence. Unless they're severely beaten, starved, or fall victim to rabies, dogs demonstrate the closest thing to ''god-love" that humans can experience.
No matter how much a dog is ignored or neglected…or sharply spoken to…no matter how often you forget to feed or water him or her when there are other things on your mind, your dog is still there, gazing at you adoringly, eyes brimming over with pure love. No matter how badly a dog is treated, he or she is still ready to protect you, defend you, and love you. The wells of understanding and compassion are fathoms deep. A dog forgives and forgives and forgives…endlessly. Nothing you do, short of violent and repeated beatings, will kill a dog's undying love for and loyalty to both master or mistress.

A dog is not only your best friend, but also the best example you'll ever have of what love is all about. It's taught (falsely and incorrectly) by some transmigration doctrines that the next step up in reincarnation from dog form is human form…Wrong as such doctrine is, I wonder why those who believe in it consider from dog to human one level up. Dogs are more patient, faithful, loyal and loving, forgiving and compassionate than most humans…..except for those poor, tortured dogs bred and trained by people to attack and kill, such as pit bulls and Dobermans (include cock fights, bullfights, and most scientific testing laboratories). I use the term "people" rather than humans here because I don't consider such people to be human. They're several levels below human and many levels below animals. Those who abuse the smaller and more helpless (animals) or the innocent (children) have heavy-heavy Karma ahead, and they richly deserve it.

                                ~~~~~ May she rest in peace ~~~~~~